Scott Lingamfelter: A Clear and Consistent Voice in Richmond, Virginia

This was Scott Lingamfelter's website when he ran for the 31st District seat in the House of Delegates in 2001. Republican Lingamfelter defeated Democrat Michele Krause 56%–44% assuming office in January 2002. He was re-elected in 2003, defeating Democrat David Brickley 55%–45%.

He has been a Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates since January 2002, representing the 31st district in Fauquier and Prince William Counties. He ran unsuccessfully for the 2013 Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Lingamfelter had been an officer in the United States Army 1973–2001, reaching the rank of colonel. Lingamfelter  received two Legions of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal, two Defense Meritorious Service Medals, and four Meritorious Service Medals among others.‚Äč

The content below is from the site's 2001-2003 archived pages.

The current website for Scott Lingamfelter is at: 

Circa 2001-2002

Scott won the three-way Republican primary race on Aug. 21st!


Scott is married to the former Shelley Glick. Shelly teaches in the Prince William County public school system. Scott and Shelley have a daughter at James Madison University and two sons who attend public school in Prince William County.


Decorated Combat Veteran
Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of Defense
Managed billion dollar budgets
Managed major technology programs
Graduated VMI 1973, BA History
Graduated UVA 1981, MA Government and Foreign Affairs
Class President U.S. Army War College 1997
Graduate UVA 2001, E-Commerce Business Strategy Certificate


Family Foundation, Virginia Citizen of the Year 2000
Past Vice President of Woodbridge Crew
Church Council, Christ Our Lord Episcopal Church
Lake Ridge Rotary Club
Vice Chairman, Prince William County Family Alliance
Lake Ridge Rotary Club Officer
Americans for Tax Reform Tax Hero 2001



My platform is straightforward:
A strong faith-based value system is critical to the future of our country. Our Founders knew this and we must return to such a posture if we are to remain a great State and Nation.
Family is the best social program ever created. Government has a profound interest in encouraging sound families if we are to produce responsible citizens.
Freedom is our most precious right - government's primary purpose is to protect our freedoms. These freedoms include the right to life, freedom from oppressive taxation, and the right to keep and bear arms. Rights all included in the US Constitution by our Founding Fathers. 
In 1997 when then Governor George Allen left office, the Virginia biennial budget was $37 billion. Today, that figure has grown to nearly $50 billion-a $13 billion increase. "But haven't we received tax cuts" you might ask? Car tax relief so far has been $447 million. The 0.5% food tax cut in 1999 was $60 million for the first year of a planned 4-year phase in. When all tax cuts are finally implemented, they will amount to $1.6 billion-a mere 13.3% of the increase in spending. Conclusion? State spending, good neighbors of Prince William and Fauquier, is out of control and we need to do something about it.
How did we get in this mess? By embracing wildly optimistic surplus projections while increasing spending a whopping 43% (with inflation at 2% per year). We need to spend rationally on education, roads, and public safety. There is sufficient money in Richmond to do all of these and more. But the last thing we should do is ask people for more money when they are already paying almost 40% of their total income in Federal, State, and Local taxes and fees.
That's why I signed the "No Tax Increase" pledge - the same one President Bush, Governor Gilmore, Senator Allen, and Congressman Davis signed - that pledges me to fight tax increases. My opponent in this race has refused to sign this pledge. She, like other Democrats, will want to keep her options open. Most voters know what that means - more taxes to pay for political "pork".

  • I will ensure the Car Tax is phased out, as promised, on-time and on-target.
  • I will fight to slow the spending spree in Richmond.
  • I support measures to hold our Government accountable to the tax paying citizens.

I will fight to keep our taxes low through a taxation policy that is based on performance-based budgeting in Richmond.


We've made real progress through the leadership of Republicans in embracing the standards of learning. Yet we must do more. My wife teaches in public school and my kids are public school students. I am committed to improving public education, but we must recognize that as long as there are forces that fight reform, our efforts to make things better for our kids will be restrained. Therefore we must innovate, using market forces to encourage reform. That's why I support tuition tax credits for families sending their kids to private and religious schools or electing to educate their children at home. It is time to move beyond "one-size-fits-all" education and see public, private, religious, and home schooling as a basket whickered neatly together to contain valid alternatives we can use to educate our children. It is time to stop the bickering and start the whickering.

Tuition Tax credits — Not Vouchers — are a fair and simple way to offer educational choice to hard working Mom's and Dad's. The Virginia Educational Opportunity Act would have done that. But liberals and the VEA/NEA fought that reform. It would not only have been largely revenue neutral, this act would have resulted in more money per pupil for public school students while reducing our crowded public school classrooms - getting our kids out of trailers - thereby helping to create a better teacher to student ratio. We can win reform for all parents by sending a conservative to Richmond to fight for educational reform.

Promote a core value system for our children… the future leaders of our country.

  • I support providing tuition tax credits and school choice initiatives.
  • I will advance educational excellence through establishing relevant and clear standards of learning (SOL) while demanding feed-back mechanisms that make sure SOLs have "front line teacher input" to ensure standards are high and doing what they are designed to do.
  • I will work to hold school systems accountable for their performance.
  • I will fight to ensure adequate funding for education that has a direct impact on quality teaching.


Transportation spending is a mere 13% of Virginia's entire budget. We don't need more taxes to fix transportation - we need different priorities! This will take leadership, and I am ready to do my part to make the case for our community.

We need safer roads, smarter planning by VDOT, tele-commuting initiatives, and yes, realistic mass transit options. But no matter what direction we take in solving transportation problems, we can't go it alone. Our region contributes enormous revenues to the Commonwealth and we deserve our fair share of funds to meet our transportation needs. We need to stop seeing regional transportation problems as northern Virginia problems and seeing them for what they are - Virginia's problem.

  • I will fight to ensure funded transportation projects are completed.
  • I will fight for an equitable apportionment of transportation funds across the Commonwealth.
  • I will promote realistic transportation solutions that provide adequate infrastructure through transportation planning that is responsive to our regional growth goals.
  • I support and promote reliable mass transit for our area as well as tele-commute centers that take advantage of the technology available to us.

That's why I will:

  • Protect pre-born children, help the sick, the elderly, the handicapped, and those who can't care for themselves with policies that make sense and honor the right to life.

People are concerned about their basis access to health care. They want to be sure that when it comes to major health care concerns, they and their doctors are the primary decision-makers as to what course of action must be taken. I will stand up for patients and doctors to ensure that in Virginia - the cradle of freedom - freedom of HMO choice will be preserved.

  • I support managed health care choice where doctors and patients decide the course of action.

The election this year is very important. Virginia eliminated parole for violent offenders under Governor George Allen. Governor Mark Earley - my personal friend and someone excited about my campaign - will fight to ensure that Democrats like Mark Warner won't repeal the ban on liberal parole. Rehabilitation is fine when a prisoner has indicated a sincere desire to change behavior. But the reality is bad people should not be returned to the streets to hurt and families and disrupt the lives of law abiding citizens.

  • I support removing violent offenders from society for good!
  • I will not support a moratorium on the death penalty. When criminals have been found guilty in a fair trial and sentenced to death, that sentence should be carried out in a just and timely manner.
  • I am a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. My idea of gun control is you control your guns, and I'll control mine. The Founders got it right. The Second Amendment is the gun law that matters the most.
  • I will ensure that law enforcement, fire and safety have budgetary priority including:

1. That they are properly funded and have the tools they need as our first line of defense.
2. That they have the latest and best communication systems to permit effective coordination across jurisdictions.
3. That the latest technology is in their hands to tract, instantaneously, criminals who threaten our children, our property, and our lives.
4. That prosecutors have enhanced authority to deal swiftly with law breakers, as is the case in Project Exile, Mark Earley's highly successful plan to get criminals who use guns off the streets of our cities and towns.
5. That the compensation board that supports these forces is properly funded.
6. That their retirement system is updated and recognizes the major contribution these professionals bring to our community.
7. That volunteer training-particularly for fire fighters-is available and comprehensive.

Growth and urban sprawl are major concerns for the communities of Prince William and Fauquier. We must ensure that localities - your Board of Supervisors - have the necessary tools and authority to provide for rational growth that protects the quality of life in our neighborhoods and protects the property right of all citizens. The best way to do this is to keep decisions at the lowest possible level to make sure citizen voices are heard and viable plans are embraced. I will fight any effort to tear from the hands of responsible supervisors the ability to rationally control growth.

  • I support local control of quality of life matters that affect our communities.
  • I will promote rational and reasonable growth.



Veterans across our region are rallying to Scott Lingamfelter as he campaigns for the Virginia House of Delegates seat for the 31st District. Men and women who have served honorably-many of whom have seen combat duty-know that Scott represents the best traditional of military service and has a real record of accomplishment. He has been outspoken regarding the treatment of veterans, citing his own experience with the armed forces as a reason to support efforts to improve conditions for our military personnel.

  • Distinguished 28-year career as an active duty Colonel in the Army
  • Combat Veteran of the Gulf War with the 1st Infantry Division (The Big Red One)
  • Commanded the largest Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) battalion in the US Army, composed of over 700 soldiers in the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea
  • Managed billion dollar budgets for the Secretary of Defense
  • Orchestrated the most sensitive operational activities of the US Army for the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the Army
  • VFW and American Legion Member



Veterans also know that Scott can be depended upon to represent the conservative approach to good government that many veterans recognize is in the best interest of our community, state, and nation:

  • Keep taxes low.
  • Control wasteful spending.
  • Enhance educational quality through common sense school choice initiatives.
  • Protect our 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.
  • Advance legislation that will enhance Virginia's security against terrorism.
  • Stand up for veteran issues in Virginia including protecting their pensions form excessive taxes.
  • Work to protect the US Flag from desecration.
  • Inspire patriotism in our youth with creative community-based programs and his personal example.
  • Ensure every veteran is properly honored at the time of passing.


Veterans also know that Scott will not be dragged along the path of political correctness that has in part been responsible for hurting the readiness of our armed forces. He will be a voice for common sense readiness in Virginia's National Guard and Reserve units, organizations critical to our security.


Finally, Veterans know that just as critical to our national security as our military forces are, our public safety professionals, both police and fire fighters, need help. Scott will:

  • Ensure that law enforcement, fire and safety are properly funded and have the tools they need as our first line of defense.
  • That they have the latest and best communication systems to permit effective coordination across jurisdictions.
  • That the latest technology is in their hands to tract-instantaneously-criminals who threaten our children, our property, and our lives.
  • That prosecutors have enhanced authority to deal swiftly with law breakers as is the case in Project Exile, Mark Earley's highly successful plan to get criminals who use guns off the streets of our cities and towns.
  • That the compensation board that supports these forces is properly funded.
  • That their retirement system is updated and recognizes the major contribution these professionals bring to our community.
  • That volunteer training-particularly for fire fighters-is available and comprehensive.



Without a doubt, veterans know that Scott Lingamfelter is the type of straight-talking, no-nonsense leader that we need in Richmond. He's not afraid to take tough positions like his no tax increase pledge that many so-called "mainstream" politicians feared to take. And he'll work hard as evidenced by his visits door-to-door to over 10,000 voters in this district since June 7th! And he'll keep his word in the tradition of fidelity observed by Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines.

That's why if you're a veteran or someone who loves veterans, you need to get behind Scott Lingamfelter for Delegate. Scott knows that he could never have been successful in the military without the trust and support of the men and women he served with. He will bring that same trust and confidence to this community.

Campaign Headquarters: Lingamfelter for Delegate
P.O. Box 7175
Woodbridge, VA 22195-7175


NB: Although I didn't live in Richmond Virginia I was well aware of Scott Lingamfelter campaign. Since Richmond is so heavily Republican leaning, it's really no surprise a Repulican has won this seat since 2001. What might be surprising is that ever since Scott Lingamfelter emerged victorious from a field of three GOP candidates in a 2001 primary, he hasn’t faced much resistance from within his own party when elections roll around.

I recently returned to Richmond to discuss with a new client on the reasons why they should consider custom software development. They had come to us since their business needs were not able to be completely answered with their current commercially-available product. I am the head of a team that codes custom software for business management. The apps we create are designed to meet a business's specialized requirements. In custom software development, the software developers, that's me and my team, and the client work closely together to decide what the planned software’s purpose is, who its intended users are, and what the exact business requirements are that the program should meet. Learn more about how custom software can improve business performance on our website. That was the point of the trip. During a lunch break several of the business's tech team started discussing Virginia’s often-sleepy races for the House of Delegates. All of a sudden things were getting interesting since there were a number of challengers to incumbents, not only from Democrats but also Republicans. Scott Lingamfelter was feeling it from both sides. B.J. Brown, a Republican and a Nokesville resident and ADHD researcher, is challenging Lingamfelter for the nomination this year.

On the Democratic side, Elizabeth Guzman, a human services staffer for the city of Alexandria, and middle school teacher Sara Townsend are running for the chance to knock off Lingamfelter, and become the 16th female delegate in the 100-member House in the process. However according to what I've read in the local papers and online, paper, whether it’s Brown or the two Democrats hoping to run against him, Lingamfelter thinks his record shows he’s been an “effective leader” in Richmond. He sits on the House’s education and appropriations committee, so he feels that his constituents “benefit from my seniority,” and he believes he’s managed to keep a number of promises in legislation he’s passed that’s “grounded in conservative values.”

However, Democrats are hoping that Lingamfelter will find himself out of a job in 2018. Not only did 31st District voters tab Hillary Clinton over Trump by a sizable majority in November, 2016, the district went for the Democrat by a 51-44 margin — but Democrats think they can channel outrage over Trump’s policies into a state-level victory. “People are fired up,” Guzman said. “People are ready to get out and vote. Now they understand the consequences of not participating in the process.”  I'll find out what happens when I return later this fall.